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Festival Office

Workshops of Culture in Lublin
Grodzka 7
20-112 Lublin

+48 81 533 08 18

Deadline for registration

do 3 March 2020

Terms and Conditions

It’s a festival of traditional culture and art that takes place in Lublin’s Old Town. The programme features stalls with artisanal handcrafted items, concerts of traditional and tradition-inspired music, crafts workshops with masters, a playground filled with old-time traditional games and activities, as well as dance parties, plays, exhibitions.
In 2020, join us between 21-23 August, from 10.00-00.00. For many years, the Fair has been taking place around the same time, that is in the second half of August.
You will find us in the streets, squares and alleys of Lublin’s Old Town and Błonia near the Castle
The Jagiellonian Fair is organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin.
The Jagiellonian Fair Office is located at the following address:
Workshops of Culture in Lublin
Grodzka 7
20-112 Lublin

You can call us: +48 81 5330818
or e-mail us at:

You cannot buy a stall. Organisers, together with specialists that work on the project (ethnologists, culture experts and connoisseurs of folk art) select and invite artists from Poland and abroad to present their crafts and traditions for free. Why? Because it is the only way to guarantee the highest quality of products. What counts is talent, authentic regional design and traditional workmanship, not the creator’s wealth. The only expenses that the exhibitors of the Fair cover are travel and food which they have to organise on their own. Accommodation in a dormitory and an exhibition stall (tent, wooden table with a canopy or a booth, including table and chairs) are provided by the organiser.
We’re looking for people specialising in traditional crafts and folk art. People whose work is based on local tradition, local patterns and production techniques, as well as knowledge and skills passed from generation to generation, like family traditions. We appreciate not only maintaining tradition in its unchanged form, but we also see the value of creative and conscious references to it. We believe that folk artists, due to their well-established skills, knowledge and awareness of the importance of tradition are able to create the most valuable objects and works of art that draw from this tradition. Membership in organisations gathering folk artists is welcome, but not required.
The arts and crafts we present at our festival every year include: sculpting, painting, pottery and ceramics, embroidery, lacework, plaiting techniques, toy-making, ritual and decorative art, soldering, weaving, smithery, etc.
If you’re interested in taking part in the upcoming edition of the Fair, please sen dan application that includes:

1. Full name
2. Correspondence address
3. Phone and e-mail
4. A short description of what you do (how long have you been practising the crafts, who taught you, the tradition of what region you continue)
5/ A few pictures of your items
Or via traditional post to Workshops of Culture (Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie), Grodzka 7, 20-112 Lublin with the annotation “The Jagiellonian Fair”.

The deadline for submitting applications: until the end of every February.

Date of the decision: early April we get in touch only with those artists who are invited and give them full details. The Organisers have the right to make a decision without explaining their reasons to rejected individuals.
Personal data processing:
Submitting your application is tantamount to accepting the provisions of the document Information cocerning the processing of personal data of the Participants of the Crafts Fair within The Jagiellonian Fair 2020.

The decision is made by the Organisers at Workshops of Culture in Lublin together with specialists co-operating on the project: ethnologists, culture experts and connoisseurs of folk art.
1. At each stage of preparing for the festival, the invited artists receive from the Organisers detailed information about the application documents, the stall, accommodation and other matters of organization. Check if you have all the information, you can print out a map and address and save the organiser’s number on your phone.
2. Make sure what your booth will look like. A tent offers completely different possibilities of presenting products than a wooden house. Bring with you materials for decorating and arranging your stall and make sure you have enough products for three days. Remember, that the stands may only present products created by the invited artist. We do not accept third-party products.

3. The invited artists are requested to carry out, as far as possible, demonstrations of how they make their items at their stands. This will emphasize the authenticity of the works and your experience. Bring all necessary materials and tools with you.

Parking for the exhibitors is located in Zamkowy Square. Remember, you can only use it if you have a special permit issued by Lublin’s city office. These permits need to prepared and approved sufficiently early. You can provide us with the required data or amend it two weeks before the festival. After that date, it won’t be possible to make any changes, nor issue a new permit, which will make it impossible for you to drive into the festival venue
Yes. We run a contest for „The Artist of The Jagiellonian Fair”. Every year, the stalls of the artists taking part in Crafts Fair are visited by members of a jury consisting of ethnologists, culture experts and connoisseurs of folk art. The jury members evaluate the artistry of the presented crafts and their conformity to traditional patterns and production techniques, communication of important cultural values and the general presentation of the stall. After they get acquainted with all stalls and products, the jury grants awards and distinctions. In recent years, the winning artists have been receiving special postcards created by Workshops of Culture that promote the artist’s work and special invitations to take part in the next edition of the festival. Aside from granting awards, the jury also gives the Organisers feedback on the Crafts fair and suggests changes that can be introduced.
In addition to craft demonstrations, you can also conduct workshops. From among activities  suggested by the exhibitors of the Crafts Fair, we select about a dozen that we add to the festival’s programme.
We pay special attention to the educational dimension of the Crafts Fair. We encourage you to talk to the visitors and make it possible for them to experience the Fair through the senses,  especially children. What matters to us is the involvement of the creators in activities aimed at introducing and promoting the knowledge of traditional crafts.
The festival office is located at Grodzka 7. This is also where you can make payments for additional accommodation or access to electricity.
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