#Findthe Artisan

Folk Artists Online –

Many folk artists sold their works mainly during such events as fairs and expos. The current situation has limited personal contact with the craftsmen and the chance to see and choose their works first hand. That’s why Workshops of Culture in Lublin and The Jagiellonian Fair are launching the initiative #FindTheArtisan. Let’s stay in touch with folk artists, support them with our orders and surround ourselves with beautiful folk arts and crafts! We know that it’s difficult without folk art fairs or expos. As the organisers of The Jagiellonian Fair, we have made this contact easier.

Are you travelling? Check if you can find artists of The Jagiellonian Fair in the area where you’re going.  Perhaps you’ll discover that there’s a traditional workshop near your home? We have created this virtual map to help you locate our artists! 

You can use the map in many ways.

First, not surprisingly, you can use it for geographical locations. It works in the same way as Google Maps, so you can zoom in, zoom out and move around with your finger. You can also type your destination’s name to search for it and check if there are any artists in the area. To use the search engine, click “enlarge/show a bigger map”  (the icon in the top-right corner) and when the full view loads, you will find the search engine in the menu on the left.

If you know the name of the artist of interest to you, you can also find them using the magnifying glass.

We have sorted the name according to craft categories. You can find the list of all crafts in the drop-down menu in the map’s top-left corner. You can check all categories of interest and hide others to display only the things you want to find. To make things easier, each category has an icon in a different colour.

Remember that we’re not providing exact addresses. The pins do not indicate the artists’ homes. The map only shows the town/city where the artisan works. You can obtain more details by getting in touch with the artist.